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Fully Supported by Robin Lloyd, The Internet Stalker “David Green”

Update 23/07/2017: Lloyd’s ill company aka Jetblu / David Green on PPRUNE Bizjets back behind Bars.








Mr Weaver gave me a call the other day. He asked if he could make a posting of a few lines on the above character. Rob, I think awhole page is more deserved. Yet another low life venting his fumes out on the infamous PPRUNE.

Here we go:

“Public WARNING, Martijn Denecker: currently under investigation by two separate aviation authority’s. Fired by us in late 2015 for stealing work, clients and money,,,,,,. today reveals The individual concerned has been flying N registered aircraft without the required flight review, FAA medical or valid FAA instrument rating when operating IFR. His current alleged employers “Space imaging Middle East” has better be prepared to also be royally shafted . If your considering hiring this person be extremely careful, he will feed you the sob story of two kids and needs the money, any equipment you give to him such as survival gear for flights will be stolen, anything returned damaged. Question his motives and you’ll have his mother making death threats, trying to collaborate with your clients in a negative fashion and extort as much money out of you as possible. Yes we received blackmailing emails demanding money also. Give a finger to him and expect him to take your arm! So much for biting the hand that feeds you……..please feel free to contact us if you’ve been wronged by this bottom-feeder.

Addition: Charging for flights in N reg aircraft without the appropriate commercial license. Fails to allow any defense to be filed and is simply peed off as his ferrying career is over. He got two long haul trips off me, now we have said enough is enough. He won’t get any work off any other reputable or self respecting ferry firm….”

Martijn linked to: Ghent Aviation, Belgium. Space Imaging Middle East, Dubai, UAE. (Latter, fired!)




Robin Lloyd and PPRuNe and Jet 2


If anyone has suffered loss of property or money through the above person and forum, please contact the link below and It will provide contact details for the various agencies involved with both recovery and investigation of various losses. Similarly if you have been a victim of this individuals bullying or blackmail then you should contact your local police and file a complaint.

-No need a email for forwarding complaints , the matter is NOW a criminal matter against Internet Brands and Mentally unstable Robin Lloyd- comments can be left online which will be forwarded to the police. 98 counts and counting-