Robin Lloyd and PPRuNe and Jet 2


If anyone has suffered loss of property or money through the above person and forum, please contact the link below and It will provide contact details for the various agencies involved with both recovery and investigation of various losses. Similarly if you have been a victim of this individuals bullying or blackmail then you should contact your local police and file a complaint.

-No need a email for forwarding complaints , the matter is NOW a criminal matter against Internet Brands and Mentally unstable Robin Lloyd- comments can be left online which will be forwarded to the police. 98 counts and counting-



84 thoughts on “Robin Lloyd and PPRuNe and Jet 2

  1. Lindon says:

    Mr Robin Lloyd ignored my emailed and written complaints. Appears he has been busy removing his address from the FAA Airmen website and also some other UK based websites with his address. I guess the amount of complaints he was getting in the mail must of been in the hundreds of letters.

    Robin Lloyd, Bizjet Moderator, PPRUNE address:

    Robin Lloyd
    Head of PPRUNE Vermin
    Valley Farm Barn
    Combs Lane
    Stowmarket, IP142NL
    United Kingdom

  2. PLEASE HELP ME. says:

    Can anyone give me some information on ROBIN LLOYD?
    Which airline he works for? Is he still flying for an Airline at all?
    Where does he reside? I’d like my lawyer to send him a Letter.

    Why would Internet Brands risk their reputation by having a man of this calibre involved with them?

  3. Several mails in and through over the last few days from senior staff at Signature Luton. Glad the address of the man who allows hard working companies such as Signature Aviation at London Luton now have a address to send letters.

    Lloyd playing the same old game! ” I am just a moderator, contact Internet Brands in California”. patrick Stack at Internet Brands “Contact the moderator, nothing to do with me”. !!!!!THE SAME OLD BULLSHIT MR LLOYD, JUST A DIFFERENT DAY!!!!!

    If people are unable to call a FBO and ask for a price for handing of a aircraft then complain about the price after they knew what it cost then go elsewhere dummies.

    Just another attack allowed to remain by the infamous Robin Lloyd, PPRUNE Scum.

  4. Jon says:

    Has anyone tried contacting the InternetBrands’ CEO to have stuff removed from pprune? Any success? What is the best way to get in touch with the Moderators?

    • That is too funny. The head Moderator (Lloyd) ignores any request for such. The people Who own the site are Internet Brands, Patrick stack is the legal rep. He has had many a letter and email, never replies. STACK & LLOYD ARE CROOKS.


  5. Loon Bag Lloyd and Co back to attacking others.
    Bored and need some FAKE News then head over to PPRUNE.

    Pilot looking for work and got turned down, then slag them off online?!?!
    Enjoy communicating with convicted fraudsters then PPRUNE is your place.

    Scum of the earth



  6. Sexy sue Banbury says:

    Did David Plange of Alpha 2 Bravo not until
    Recently back the likes of Kevin Crellin Con Man and also David Green? This guy tried to rent a plane off me a few years ago which I refused. Beware of David Plange as he is best
    Friends with Tax cheat Lloyd. But don’t complain to him or he will
    Play the racist card.

  7. Neil Charters says:

    Aha , well this is an eye opener so having just been blocked will not bother re-instating myself but stick to reputable message forums where at least they have governance in place where they have attempt to close out spam and fraud in the industry

  8. Sunamer says:

    Mr. Rob banned me on PPRUNE as well, for no reason other than him being ill-tempered.
    Me in email to Robin Lloyd: “For some reason I lost access to Rumours & News forum.”
    Robin Lloyd: “you lost access for posting nonsense.”
    Me: “can you at least tell me what was that post about?”
    Robin: “Posts, plural and I have had enough of you”
    Me: “so, no real reason, then? Okay, got it. Thank you.
    Robin: no reply

    All that exchange is posted here in full. Yes, he was that non-specific yet short.
    The guy clearly is a wonderful human being that any human would love to be around! /s
    If I was his wife, I would have attempted suicide as well… good riddance

    My user name was Sunamer

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