Robin Lloyd and PPRuNe and Jet 2


If anyone has suffered loss of property or money through the above person and forum, please contact the link below and It will provide contact details for the various agencies involved with both recovery and investigation of various losses. Similarly if you have been a victim of this individuals bullying or blackmail then you should contact your local police and file a complaint.

-No need a email for forwarding complaints , the matter is NOW a criminal matter against Internet Brands and Mentally unstable Robin Lloyd- comments can be left online which will be forwarded to the police. 98 counts and counting-



84 thoughts on “Robin Lloyd and PPRuNe and Jet 2

  1. Keith Deen says:

    A true disgrace to the aviation industry. As I understand lots of people seeking redress against the pprune wonder. About time somebody stood up to this joker.


      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Robin Lloyd’s last post was on December 27th, Posting as pprune towers. People such as pace and Bose-x Have asked questions to why apologies have not been issued to the damages caused by the fourm in question. MR LLOYD Would you like to tell us why you have been funding a convicted fraudster’s activities and if anybody should be standing in the dock it is you for the lives you have tried to destroy? Despite multiple letters and demands from people asking for apologies you have stood there turning a blind eye to your responsibilities of a moderator. You are nothing short of a Crook who should’ve been arrested and prosecuted a long time ago for your involvement in the very saga you talk of. If pace Thinks the forum is returning to how it should be and that the matter is being discussed are now purely aviation related then he must be smoking some good shi*, Since Lloyds involvement in the forum the only objective has been for total control and manipulation. He likes to talk ill of others but if anything is posted about him then it is immediately removed. About time People woke up and smelled the coffee. Pprune posters, Ask yourself the following question “who allowed GEP To get away with ruining lives and who was it who was funding him in the very first place whilst also creating bogus username accounts to back him up, the evidence is all there”???

  2. Restricted says:

    As this is a anonymous forum as is pprune Then I don’t have to give my name. Just for the world to know that Robin Lloyd is under tax investigation for not declaring funds earned into a uk based account whilst flying in the Middle East. The rumour mill would imply he has gone underground which is where he belongs. As Keith puts when he’s not putting the forum world In his palm and getting what he wants he reverts to financially backing criminal fraudsters including aiding and abetting numerous other criminals on the bizjet section. With the increased legal pressure and demands being forwarded to him he may wonder why the world is getting so small. Julie remarkable that Internet brands have allowed him to remain as a moderator ,,,, however not for much longer.

  3. Duncan Holland and Emily Hyde says:

    The latest is that Prune have allowed negative postings to be made about a Cessna biz jet that went down in Germany the other day. All 4 dead, think of the poor family reading that of the victims. YET A CERTAIN MODERATOR ALLOWS IT TO BOOST REVENUE / ADVERTISING! SICK!!! Comment’s made before verdict and outcome reports. Maybe the family of the victims should be notified so RL and IB can be sued.

  4. The Cessna crash has already started a potential crusade against the forum.
    A family member if one if the pilots made a post on the forum, it was deleted within minutes of it posting!?
    On another note a ccj was ignored by
    Lloyd, now the bailiffs begin I assume .

  5. James Daniels says:

    Are you aware that the following ferry pilot recently threatened a friend of ours in a similar line if work Keith?

    He’s also involved with contributing significant money’s to GEP/KC and
    Also RL/Towers.

    A desperate individual looking for work whom has little to none.

    English is not my first language but I hope all is understood here. Another pprune scum, his previous post of managing firms has not been so good, just like his career in whole. Oh and David if your reading this please leave a reply.

  6. Mary Johnston says:

    Robin Lloyd is evil. His first wife was so stressed by his behavior that she tried to kill herself and finally divorced him. His current wife had an affair (she was obviously not happy with him)- which is why Lloyd is so proactive in trying to discredit / destroy Crellin (join the dots and you will have it right. It should be mentioned that Lloyd is rumored to have been involved with numerous illegal activities over the years and his modus operandi is to try to bring attention to others to deflect it from himself.

    It was widely reported on an Australian pilots forum that Lloyd was grounded from Jet2 last year due to having become addicted to an over the counter drug that is banned by the CAA for pilots.

    How do I know this? – I have been a friend of Lloyd’s first wife for twenty years – she is a lovely lady. No doubt if Robin reads this he will remember me.

    He makes numerous claims to boast his self esteem. but keeps them vague so that no one can discredit and disprove his bull. The rope is getting tighter Robin, and people are onto you. Did you ever declare to the taxman what you got paid when Internet brands purchased the Pprune website from Danny? Or are you hoping your sister in law (who works at the tax office) will be able to protect you?

    From Wikipedia (Pprune was sold for $1.5m – It is believed that Fynne paid Lloyd a share)

    The Professional Pilots Rumour Network, or PPRuNe, is an Internet forum catering to airline pilots and others in the aviation industry.[1] The site was originally presented by Danny Fyne (later on assisted by Robin Lloyd) as an email list in 1993. It progressed to a Bulletin board and then as a web-based Internet forum, and acts as a “rumour exchange” for airline pilots.
    PPRuNe is known in European and English Speaking Pilot circles and is cited by media in reports relating to aviation.[2][3][4][5] Since the site has more than 250,000 registered members, many of them pilots, the site is sometimes at the center of debates about aviation issues in the news.[6][7] Commercial pilots often share insights and perspectives about aviation mishaps, sometimes eyewitness accounts.[8]
    The site was acquired in August, 2008 by Internet Brands

    Lloyd will get caught out, its just a matter of time. Perhaps aviation insurance fraud and conspiracy for that will be his downfall. He is not sly enough to avoid justice forever.

  7. Neal Parry says:





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  9. I am shocked to see this post still running after Lloyds anti fire to remove it. It is confirmed today that Robin Lloyd is under official investigation by the authorities.

    • James Gardner says:

      About time. Vermin bunch of loonies allowed to post whatever they desire. Non Compos Mentis. Maybe a few disgruntled forum users should go to see his garden flowers at the next visit a garden event! PRICK! (wankers elite)

      • Sorry for the delays.
        It is now official that Internet Brands and Robin Lloyd are under
        Both civil and criminal investigation by the state of California.
        Whilst we would Like to publish the details It should be noted until a exact date is set nothing can be posted as not to potentially assist them. As Lloyd’s forum owners IB has ignored both Federal and civil letters an application for a court hearing might Be possible. It’s also worth noting that Lloyd could of profited over $40,000 in GEP fraud.

  10. S Claus says:

    Kevin Crellin is a sociopath

    A person with a psychopathic personality whose behaviour is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

    10 signs for spotting a sociopath

    #1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

    #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

    #3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

    #4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

    #5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

    #6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

    #7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

    #8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. As a great example of this in action, watch this interview of Charles Manson on YouTube.

    #9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

    #10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

  11. What a bunch of whining looney tunes. I met Robin Lloyd once before at Gatwick. He will talk to you like you a friend and then stab you in the back on turning it.

  12. Hatty says:

    Yep Crellin is a strange one, Davlid Plange of Alpha 2 Bravo was singing his praises at our Aero Club a few years back. Guess he got a shock when he found he had been conned. To add insult to injury he still cant accept that he is in the wrong for supporting the forums fraud which Lloyd gets a pleasure out of naming and shaming. However as many of us know they can not take logical argument or criticism.

  13. Walter Gray says:

    Somebody really needs to get a grip on that forum. The moderation allow people using internet annomity to publish whatever they like. False accusations and public attacks are the norm for the site but despite there being terms and conditions articles published and annomity disclaimers nothing is done about it. I would recommend for anybody and any firm that has been attacked to obtain a court order for the release of identities. It’s relatively easy to do with or without a lawyer. On a positive side postings have dropped significantly on the BizJets section as the forum now appears to spend of its time criticising each other and others. Hardly aviation related. Maybe the advertisers on that site should be made aware of the shenanigans. -Walter-

  14. At the Vineyard :) says:

    A good friend of mine in the GA sector is offering financial reward for the identity and contact details of several people on that site. I think a court order would work better. Then these peoples identities can be revealed and their family, employer and online community be made aware of the online internet stalking and harassment. Its amazing how the tables turn when people don’t have a internet mask to hide them.

  15. Igor Brians says:

    The forum has become a slagging off and bitching site. A bunch of children could do a better job moderating that site. A good friend said to me recently there’s no better news than bad news and it it can’t be verified,,,,,,,,,,, then make it up. Sounds more like a forum designed by the former News Of The World.

    • Igor Brians says:

      This is a message to anybody who has been wronged by the site. As a previous long term standing member I have hundreds of dozens of contacts of usernames on the site. If you have been named/shamed or abused or wronged by the very man in question then please leave your details on the site with requests and I will provided information needed to expose multiple users who hide behind closed doors.

  16. PPRUNE SCUM says:

    Yes Lurcherman is one: David Henderson of York Tthe real one that is)
    Debrassi: David of Alpha 2 Bravo (I think thats the username)
    We all know who Towers is 🙂
    I know two chaps who would pay quite a lot for the additional info, but ME THINKS he or at least one already knows the two above.

    Something which might help him in recent light of hidden attacks:

    CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 205

    Prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft or vessel
    205 Prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft or vessel

    A person who, whether on board the aircraft or vessel or not, does anything with the intention of prejudicing the safety of an aircraft or vessel is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

    • Tail wheel, Mr Bob Charlton, is another egotistical twat who is happy to slag those he hates, yet in true nepotism style he allows any minor post against himself to be dealt with by banning people and/or making their user name and posts disappear. Tail wheel also goes by the name Torres and he was chief pilot at Uzu Air. He was shafted by CASA and has subsequently had the knife in their back ever since. Under the guise Torres he usually speaks vitriol against CASA. He is known for outing particular poster identities and doing his own digging into peoples I.P addresses. Watch him folks. In typical pprune style he is egotistical and gets off on wielding his so-called powers. Laughable really as these Mods are most washed up has-beens who remove blogs for a past time!! Hahah. Wankers.

      • Air Ace says:

        What an amazing imagination Mr Schmidt must have! Not one alleged “fact” above is correct; even the suggested name is totally incorrect. Not all one reads on the internet, particularly blogs and bulletin boards, should be believed.

  17. Greg Olsen says:

    Let’s just hope you get at least 3 years imprisonment on the 18th February 2015 at Oxford Crown Court!

    The question will be………….male or female prison??

    • In respect to GEP (KC) it would appear the final court hearing is on the 18/02/15. I am sure a large number of people will be their to witness the trial. Robin lloyd actively financed this man and encouraged him to try and destroy a number of people and organisations on the BizJet forum. In my opinion they should both be on trial!!! Still notifying the public of Mr Lloyds bullying tactics and aggressive ways in control and manipulation is here for all those who want to, to see.

  18. This is being posted on behalf of somebody who recently wrote to me who stated he would rather not make postings himself. There is a €500 reward for anybody who can reveal the identity of DC9-32 who often posts on PPRuNe.

    Again folks thats DC9-32 PPRuNe. Sadly the email account registered to this site was hacked however simply leave a reply with the identity and I will pass the information the the relevant person who can then contact you if you leave contact details so the reward can be paid.


  19. Irony is bliss says:

    You only have to look at the comments made on the site about things like the Air Malaysia crash and similar posts about aircraft in general and you can see the majority of people have no idea what they are talking about. Since it was sold it really has take a turn for the worse.

  20. Is it just me? says:

    They have drove a lot of decent people away from the forum. When the going gets tough the moderators/management result in creating bogus usernames to credit others discredits or opinions against them or other various comments or matters.
    Plenty of better forums online such as EuroGA. I think it is only a matter of time before the PPRuNe downfall and demise.


  21. Mike says:

    if this thoroughly unpleasant sounding individual is the same obnoxious and judgemental person who signs himself ‘Rob’, as a PPRuNe moderator, I sincerely hope he is taken to task and brought down a peg or three. He assumes an importance well above his station in life and is damaging the reputation of PPRuNe and of Internet Brands.

    I was banned from the site, twice in fact, as Tafelberg and as Capetonian, apparently for expressing my view, which he defines as ‘propaganda’ on the political situation in South Africa before and after 1994. Whether he agrees with or not is irrelevant, but he has no right to ban me for expressing a view, nor for making snide personal insults.

    He shows all the signs of being a bully, who like most bullies, has an inferiority complex.

  22. Robin says:

    I too was banned last month “temporarily” from PPRuNe. I asked why, very politely, and got what I’d call a Smart Alec reply from Rob LLoyd. Asked again, just abuse. My suspension was due to end on March 28th. The “banned” sign is now no longer alongside my name and old friends are asking where have I gone and why did I leave – no, I didn’t – but can I log back in ? no – kept waiting and then told “try again later”. Have never been allowed back.

    There are no rules on PPRuNe other than what Rob LLoyd makes up as he goes along. Not a fit person to be a moderator.

  23. Mike says:

    I may as well publish the exchange of emails between myself and PPRuNe ‘moderators’. Note the polite style of mine and the supercilious and sarcastic and offensive tone of theirs.

    It seems from the last reply that the cause of the problem as they see it is my ‘delusional propaganda’, this being my view that a relatively benign dictatorship is preferable to a state of lawlessness, nepotism, poverty and disease such as that in Zimbabwe under the the despotic tyranny of Mad Bob Mugape. So PPRuNe seem to have gone into the censoring of such views and finding them a reason for giving a ban. They clearly have a problem with me, as a white South African, stating that for most people things have got worse here since 1994, and only the fortunate few are better off.

    The last note is interesting to as it states :”You are very welcome to use the site” but clearly I’m not as they have restricted my access in such a way that it does not say : ‘Banned’, but you get a constant server time-out. A rather nasty and underhand approach.

    I will reply later but am going out now to enjoy the produce of the Riebeek Valley!

    On 5 Feb 2015, at 21:35, Capetonian @ PPRuNe Forums wrote:

    The following message was sent to you via the PPRuNe Forums Contact Us form by Capetonian ( mailto:tafelberg01-pprune(at) ).

    I would like to know why I have – apparently – been banned from Jet Blast without any sort of warning or notification.

    On a related matter, I have for a long time been unable to access the SLF Forum, again, I’ve no idea why.

    A note would be appreciated

    Thank you


    From: PPRuNe Admin
    To: “Capetonian @ PPRuNe Forums”
    Sent: Saturday, 7 February 2015, 16:44
    Subject: Re: PPRuNe Forums Contact Us Form – Banning?

    You seem to have drifted into the same state of mind that got Tableview binned.

    Write again in a couple of weeks with your offers on what you’ll do to get back on the site.

    In the meantime please take time to note the total collapse of the PPRuNe without your wise, witty and fascinating prose.

    Rob PPRuNe Admin

    On 23 Feb 2015, at 12:09, tafelberg01-pprune(at) wrote:


    Thank you for your email.

    I am pleased to see that we have all survived without my ‘wise, witty and fascinating prose’.

    Clearly what I post is not to your taste and probably that of others,but it does seem to inform and entertain some of the ‘brethren’ on the site. It would be a dull old world if we all agreed on everything.

    I still don’t know the reason for the recent JB ban or the much older SLF one. As someone who has worked on the commercial side of the airline industry for many years in distribution, revenue management, airport station management, and tariffs, I believe I have plenty to contribute to the SLF forum and other aviation related forums.

    Whilst I suspect some may disapprove of my published ‘scambaiting’ efforts, I regard it as a sort of public service as it widens awareness of scams, as people do still fall for them, and whilst I’m wasting their time and resources, I’m keeping them away from the gullible.

    I have a few items I’d like to post on the ‘Where on Earth’ thread and a couple of others.

    I’m not going down on my knees to plead to be reinstated, but I do hope to hear from you with a reason for the banning, and hopefully a positive response to this polite request for reinstatement.

    Thank you and best regards


    From: PPRuNe Admin
    To: “”
    Sent: Monday, 23 February 2015, 16:47
    Subject: Re: PPRuNe Forums Contact Us Form – Banning?

    Binned you as you feel comfortable and cosy enough to move into delusional propaganda,
    I repeat – the forum has collapsed without you and you’re testing the limits in other forums every so often.
    If you want to live on the edge so be it as long as you recognise you’ll have to move off it for someone else to take your place.
    Do not delude yourself it’s about something as trite as humorous scam busting.
    Regards again,

    I also had a reply, if it can be called that, from another ‘moderator’, PPRuNe Pop, whose meaningless and supercilious reply was :
    All gone.

    I am therefore replying to them as follows, and thus applying for a permanent and total ban from this website which, because of the arrogance and contempt of the ‘moderators’ I no longer wish to have any part in.

    Since you appear to be incapable of responding politely without sarcasm and insults, I will respond, albeit without descending to your level.

    In respect of the termination of my relationship with PPRuNe, you have not answered my questions as to why I was ‘banned’, or ‘binned’ as you prefer to call it.

    Using the word ‘binned’ in the context of a human being, and particularly of people who contribute to the forum and its success, is high-handedly inappropriate and it ill behoves a ‘moderator’, as you call yourself, to use such insulting expressions. Ejecting a long-standing member from a forum and using such pejoratives rather than offering an explanation shows that you have no argument and thus resort to insults.

    I would be interested to know why you think I am ‘moving into delusional propaganda’, and what basis you have for such a statement, other than your wish to make an ‘ad hominem’ attack, something not allowed on the forums but apparently acceptable for a ‘moderator’ to do in an email.

    If anyone is delusional, it would appear to be yourself and some of your fellow ‘moderators’, who suffer from delusions of importance way above your stations. Pprune and I can happily live without each other, the Forum has outlived its usefulness to me if this is the way you treat the people who contribute to the success of the forum. It appears I am not the only one to feel this way.

    I accept that in informal organisations there may be regulations and penalties which bear no relationship to normal business practices and that if one chooses to participate in such informal organisations one accepts these arbitrary norms. However, over and above such practices there are what most people call “moral obligations” or “common courtesy”, something which appears to have gone over your head. One such courtesy is informing a ‘transgressor’ exactly what he or she has done and responding courteously to a request.

    It seems that you are unable or unwilling to tell me for what spurious reason you have ‘binned’ me, to use your revolting terminology, but you are quick to dish out insults and sarcasm, really the last resort of a loser.

    If that is the way you run the site, I wish to have no further part of it.

    So to those of you with whom I’ve agreed, disagreed, crossed swords, helped, or who’ve helped me ……….. goodbye and best wishes.

    (Apart from K&C who deserves nothing but but contempt and derision)
    The unpleasant and insulting reply I received to this is as follows :

    From PPRuNE to me :
    So you have binned us then?

    You are very welcome to use the site but you were using JB to push propaganda. When you started describing apartheid as benign it was time for you to leave that part of the site. You tried it on elsewhere on another part of PPRuNe so it wasn’t a slip of the keyboard.

    You’ve got every right in the world to be an angry, discontented southern African but you got a little too comfortable and the reality distortion field started making too many appearances. Same thing happened to those forthright free thinkers helping simplify life on JB for all of us with the only good Moslem is a dead one approach. It makes life much less complex.

    I know it’s a complication for your simple straightforward approach to the situation but I note that for the second time you’ve wiped the uncomfortable bit of history where you were dumped unceremoniously out of the forum in your arse as Tableview. And that was in the golden era of peace and understanding created by the JB. Mod squad.

    Regards again,

    My reply to the above :

    From this response it appears that you have gone into the censoring of views, in Kremlin style. My describing apartheid as ‘benign’ was certainly not a slip of the keyboard, it was a statement of my view and one shared by many, as one compares southern Africa today to what it was prior to the installation of the so-called ‘democratic’ governments under which the people of South Africa and Zimbabwe now suffer. This is something of which you appear to know very little and simply trot out the old left-wing views without knowledge of the reality.

    I am not an ‘angry discontented southern African’ and even if I were, I am entitled to express my views. You clearly don’t like views opposed to your own and you ban those who post such views. I find that appalling, but it’s your game and you can play it as you wish – you may end playing with just a few like minded individuals before too long.

    “You are very welcome to use the site.” That statement appears to be untrue as when I try to log in I get a blank screen or a ‘server busy’ message, PPRuNe’s cowardly way of stopping the outspoken from using the site. I’d prefer to see BANNED next to my username so that everybody can see how you operate.

    I see my banning from PPRuNe as it is currently run as badge of honour.

  24. Mike says:

    As an afterthought, isn’t it interesting that PPRuNe’s ‘terms and conditions’ prohibit ‘ad hominem’ attacks, and yet the moderators appear to be exempt from that rule.

  25. I’m posting this on behalf of a chap who is not up to speed with using the internet but has requested we do on his behalf.

    From: CraigODongeal, Hull, email address restricted.


    “I suspect the Hawker purchased was that of a one David Green posting under JetBlu who got it in god awful condition and then over insured the aircraft before like several of his other aircraft trying to destroy it and defraud the insurance underwriters. He must of had David Plange of Alpha 2 Bravo deliver it for a fruit cup in terms of payment before screaming to the world what a great guy he is and how his own fraud and dishonestly in life was never his fault. I assume his jail spell in the 80’s for FRAUD is a acceptable thing and that Robin Lloyd head moderator of BizJets allows this former crook to use the net to name and shame. Add a pinch of a Kevin Crellin and a tablespoon of evilness and you have a nice big fat cake. A cake of bitterness internet brands owns and allows to be run in such a corrupt illegal style shambles”.

    • Not the best spelling or grammar in the world but you get the picture. The above was simply copy & pasted, not being the author I have not made any amendments as such , interesting reading…..,

  26. A Moderator says:

    In the past week, Robin LLoyd posting from “PPRuNe Towers” on Jet Blast / PPRuNe described his actions in banning certain people from PPRuNe as conducting a prickectomy (sic) and stated of three of the banned people that he has placed the mark of Cain on them. I leave anyone reading these words to form their own conclusions about his mental state.

  27. Mike says:

    I would invite those of you feel that Robin Lloyd has delusions of importance and believe that his actions are detrimental to the good of IB and PPRuNE, as well as defamatory to those involved, to write to Internet Brands’ CEO as I have done.

    Here is my letter.

    The CEO
    Internet Brands
    909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
    El Segundo, CA 90245


    Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe)

    Dear Sir

    For several years I have been an active contributor to PPRuNe, which I understand to be a brand under your responsibility.

    Under the usernames Tafelberg and Capetonian, as an ex-airline industry professional, I contributed, I believe usefully, to several of the aviation related forums and to Jet Blast.

    I have been banned under both user names, the former a couple of years ago and more recently the latter. I appreciate that my opinions are frequently politically incorrect and that some may disagree with them, and that the ‘moderators’ have the right to ban users, even if for reasons which others may find spurious or inappropriate.

    What I object to I,rather than the banning, is the virulent unpleasantness of the tone of the notes received from ‘Rob’, a man who appears to have some personal problems causing him to adopt a bullying and demeaning attitude to others.

    A polite request, such as the one I sent asking why I had been banned, should elicit a polite or least a respectful response, not a tirade of sarcasm and contempt based on his perception of South Africans. I enclose copies in support of my contention.

    Furthermore, rather than being banned from the site with ‘banned’ appearing next to my name, login attempts just receive a blank page or ‘server too busy’ response. This is an underhand and cowardly way of dealing with the situation, and one which I suspect may be intended to hide from those higher up the chain than ‘Rob’ the fact that he is summarily banning so many users.

    It is their site to run as they wish, but treating so many users in this way is ultimately going to have a negative impact on Internet Brands.

    I understand that others have written to you and not received the courtesy of a reply, I assume my letter will be treated in the same way, but I do hope that you are aware of the discontent and unpleasantness that ‘Rob’, whom I believe to be a man with some history, is causing.

    Copies of emails are enclosed.

    Yours faithfully

  28. A Moderator says:

    A post from PPUne today April 11th 2015:

    (poster’s name deleted by me)

    Join Date: May 2013
    Location: ****
    Age: **
    Posts: 159

    I’m missing the posts from Capetonian OFSO and Dushan are they banned ??

    If they are why haven’t they got the banned sign against their name ?

    They are are all sadly missed on JB.

    Obviously only mods to reply to this question, thank you.

  29. A victim says:

    I know a little of the affairs of Dave Green and Robin Lloyd. Shall we just say at one time I was very close to him (for a number of years). Dave was a total conman (he served several years in prison for that in the 1980’s), he was in regular contact with Lloyd.
    The first I knew of his criminal past was when he was turned away by the Americans when trying to gain entry into the US for a family holiday in 2003.
    After Dave’s “accident” in which he was burnt, an email was found on his laptop which shows his criminal past, Dave was trying to get into the US in 2011 and tried a company who specialise in getting visas for people who are normally excluded from entry due to a criminal past. What they wrote to him sums the situation up well:
    From: Susan McFadden
    Subject: US visa matters
    To: “David Green”
    Date: Wednesday, 1 June, 2011, 16:59
    Dear David,
    At the very time you called I was going through the materials you sent, for which I thank you. Great minds etc.
    To follow up on our conversation of 3 April:

    1. You are currently ineligible for a visa to the US on 2 separate and independent grounds—

    a. Your multiple convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude
    b. Material misrepresentation (the consular officer’s finding, in 2005, that you lied when entering the US on July 18, 2003)

    2. Both these grounds can be waived by the US Government so as to grant you a *nonimmigrant* visa.. Therefore you are eligible to apply for a
    nonimmigrant visa (for example, a visitor’s visa) to the US in order to undertake flight training or any other lawful purpose. At the same time as you
    submit your visa application you would ask the consular officer to grant you a waiver of ineligibility. For background about this process you should look
    at our website article, Washington, We Have a Problem! Ineligibilities and Waivers
    3. As far as immigrant visas/green cards go: I understand that your wife and children may be eligible to be sponsored by your wife’s US citizen
    stepfather for immigrant visas/green cards. Although there are immigrant visa waivers of ineligibility for your criminal conviction ground of inadmissibility
    (see previous paragraph), the immigrant visa waiver for the misrepresentation ground is available only to the spouses and children of US citizens or
    green card holders, and only if the US citizen or green card holder would suffer extreme hardship. Therefore you would be eligible for an immigrant visa
    only once your wife becomes a green card holder, and only if she can also show that she would suffer extreme hardship as a result of your not being
    allowed to move to the US.
    4. It may be possible to challenge the material misrepresentation finding through litigation in the United States; that is not an area with which I am
    familiar. If you are interested in pursuing that option I can refer you to lawyers in the US.
    If you would like to pursue applications for a visitor’s visa and for a waiver of your ineligibilities, please do not hesitate to get back in touch. Please also
    let me know the best address (is it your residence on Alderwood Drive?) to which I should return your documents.
    Best regards,
    Susan Willis McFadden
    Please note our new contact information:
    Gudeon & McFadden
    Sixth Floor
    26/28 Great Portland Street
    W1W 8QT

    As you can see it states “MULTIPLE CONVICTIONS FOR CRIMES INVOLVING MORAL TURPITUDE” It’s obvious that the conviction for fraud in the eighties was not his only crime.

    The other person who wrote on here about Dave was right, he was involved in buying aeroplanes very cheaply and then insuring them for an inflated sum. It was strange that they all seemed to get written off in accidents. G-LUNA is only one of many. Remember his best buddy is Rob Lloyd and ask yourself why Lloyd supports and allows Dave to post in the way he does on Pprune?

    The aircraft destroyed by the fire at North Weald (in which Dave got badly burnt) was another instance of buy cheap and then insure for a high value, and then it gets involved in an accident.

    Dave was unemployed at the time of that accident and was in receipt of the dole (he had been for over a year before his accident), yet he was also in receipt of tens of thousands of pounds at the same time through the company he owned – Lance Aviation Ltd.

    The family mortgage was over ÂŁ60k in arrears at the time of the accident.

    So how has Dave (and Lloyd) got away with all this? Easy when you get the sympathy vote through the injuries you suffer when an aircraft catches fire. Dave was also a free mason, something that he used for his own gain.

  30. Dirty Pilots;

    The latest Joke of events on Bizjets,
    So called pilots talking about taking a
    Piss outside their aircraft and how dirty it is. How the mind must work
    And severe boredom advances leading to non sensical bullshit.

  31. Dublinpilot says:

    Debrassi is a regular poster on the site generally talking non sensical rubbish. Why may I ask doe’s his sole trading entity from his bungalow claim on his blog -Alpha 2 Bravo Aircraft Deliveries- he is delivering planes, some of which are made up / not by or accosiated by him?

  32. Maleth says:

    Unsuccessful complaints to IB in California. Could somebody point me in the right direction for moderators residential addresses details?


  33. Adrian says:

    I’m informed by a colleague that he referred to me this week as “an arrogant old sleaze bag”……. in these words:

    I’m blocking an arrogant old sleaze bag who is barred.

    What a charmer Mr LLoyd is !

  34. Malcolm says:

    The problem we have here folks is that the site is used to vent personal anger on others. Most forums adopt strict moderation. Prune next to none. In fact the moderation are basically useless.

  35. Flyer Aero says:

    Found this today online:

    Basically the OM of Robin Lloyd is that if you
    Upset him he creates a whole load of bogus usernames and attacks who ever he likes.
    Someday somebody is going to catch up with him I’m sure. I guess he assumes because he has a few loyal loitering followers who talk amply as much shite as he does that he has some form of standing in aviation. Did a judge not tell a certain Golden Eagle Pilot the same, the very man Robin supported and backed.

  36. Firstly, it is a well know fact that a number of moderators have multiple identities. It is also a proven fact that Lloyd has made visucious comments about people using multiple user identities. One frustrated former moderator went to his door a few weeks back after receiving no reply from his complaint letter.
    He simply hid indoors rather than answer some face to face questions.
    Mr Lloyd among others is very happy to name and Shame from the safety of his home behind locked doors but has not the courage or decency to answer questions face to face.

  37. Tandem-oldie says:

    The latest on the fat and old very rude cun*t
    Who cut me up in the circuit this month. Beware all he’s active at two skydive centers in the UK: Dunkeswell AND Hibbaldstow. How a parachute sub stains his fat ass and ego is beyond me. Maybe people who have been unsuccessful writing to his home address should divert their complaints to the above skydiving establishments.

  38. RW says:

    Until this point I have refrained from adding any comments about the devious, lying, low life that Robin Lloyd is backed by PPRUNE. However in his efforts of supporting convicted criminals, scam artists etc I am now fighting back with a vengeance.

    My ROBIN LLOYD PPRUNE has accused me and my operation of some awful activities, NON OF WHICH have been proven in a court of law, tonight he shall not be drinking with a ex senior police officer who has put up attacks against us.

    THIS IS A PERSONAL WARNING TO ANYBODY WHO WISHES TO ATTACK US, REGARDLESS OF COST WE WILL SEEK YOUR IDENTITY AND BRING YOU AND MR LLOYD AND INTERNET BRANDS TO JUSTICE. The creator of this website has pushed very hard for actioning against IB and RL. We are not concerned by one corrupt entity/constabulary with no legal standing on merit or basis, however we are interested and VERY close to getting IB before a hearing.

    Anonymous forums, not for much longer.

  39. RLISSUES says:

    Sorry R but I have amended some of the comments per the T&C’s of using this page/domain however your thoughts are well noted and known. The moderation have left which we feel prudent to your cause as yet another peed off entity against the defermation monsters.

    Merry Christmas to all posters.

  40. Asb123 says:

    How is this chump still a moderator of the forum?

    How he can talk to people like he’s a god and patronise and insult others is beyond me. He has NOTHING to offer as a moderator or an aviator.

    Only a pathetic, sim and arrogant man would hide behind his dick finger typing trolling.

    What an absolute tw@

  41. Wag says:

    It really is quite clear and quite eveident of how the Bizjets section works.

    1) The Moderator Robin Lloyd runs the section remotely from his home

    2) He and a number of CO-CONSPIRITORS use the forum as a platform to attack anybody who they do not like.

    3) There are a number of people using multiple user names to base attacks from. He has a “few” devoted unemployed or retired followers whom are promised moderating rights if they play ball and support his antics.

    I have a question: If these self opinianted vermin are correct about what they publish then why will they not share their personal information? I guess the shit smells better on somebody else’s lawn as opposed their own back yard?

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