The Irish

Letters to and from the carrier confirm Lloyd is allowing continued harassment despite court orders to Internet Brands. Patrick Stack of IB , your email box must be filling up. I wonder if you will ignore the court letter posted today…………


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  1. I noted today in a Google Search that David Plange Alpha 2 Bravo had written a AOPA advert about a crossing in my mates Archer, I am very surprised that the forum in question allowed that post including AOPA as he had no working understanding of the ferry tank which caused the engine issue. It was also his third crossing over the atlantic and had never flown that route before. Tony should be happy he made it home safe. AOPA are reviewing the article and distress reports.
    This man also rented my aircraft on a non equity basis and never paid a dime for doing so. Beware all.

  2. Remember the saying says:

    Why is it those who publish the most often have the very least to say? Some users have in excess of 5,000 posts, just shows what little else they have to do. Always doom and gloom, nothing every positive posted.

    Professional Pilots Rumour Network, hey??????? More like Pretentious Prats Reunited Nonsense.

  3. Robin says:

    I’d suggest the more letters of complaint about this gentleman that are sent to Internet Brands at 909 North Sepulveda Blvd, 11th Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA – the better. Sooner or later the message will get through. And at least you’ll feel better for having expressed your opinion.

  4. Dublinpilot says:

    You should not use David Plange of Alpha 2 Bravo for the simple reason the man fixes logbooks and has a very shady background. Never had a flying job in his life apart from freelancing and has very aggressive one minded opinions, one of those who is always right. Be careful you don’t disagree with him as he will call his bogus fraudulent at tourney and slander you online. Ain’t payback a bitch hey hey?

  5. victims of crellin says:

    What has not been explored is the large numbers of people who lives were destroyed by Kevin Crellin aka Golden Eagle Pilot and the Pprune network with robin Lloyds help

    Mr Crellin has now been found GUILTY for the third occasion and has a long list of convictions. He is now in Bullingdon Prison, serving a 22 month sentence.

    A quick google search of Kevin Crellin will find the articles

    These are just a few of the people who reputations have been ruined, businesses either destroyed or heavily damaged, and who deserve the record to be set straight. Kevin Crellins modus operandi seemed to be to threaten various business owners that ran successful aviation businesses and threaten that unless he was paid money as a “moderator” of Pprune that allegations would appear. He targeted a large number of businesses.


    was a flying instructor working from Enstone Airfield and was a CAA examiner. The allegations were that Indy was flying a PA28 without correct paperwork. Allegations were also made that Indy had suffered a heart attack/ had stents fitted and was unfit to fly. The ALLEGATIONS made on the inte rnet were totally false and without foundation. Indy as a result suffered huge loss of business and gave up flying, which is a huge loss as Indy was a popular and hugely talented instructor and examiner especially in Instrument flying.


    was a ferry pilot who specialised in moving smaller aircraft around the world, often older aircraft and smaller aircraft. Many of his ferries appear to have gone wrong with aircraft being stuck mid ferry with technical problems etc etc The lengths however and the witch hunt against robert was extreme. Many allegations about him not being fit to fly, to allegations that he was a criminal, to allegations of FBI investigations. THE ALLEGATIONS were all false. Robert suffered huge losses and loss of reputation.


    is an infamous flying vet, who single handed flew his Piper Cub from London to Sydney, and who probably suffered one of the most horrendous losses. Mr Kirk was approached by Kevin Crellin who said he was a solicitor and asked if he could help Maurice with his legal problems concerning having access with his children following a messy divorce, Maurice paid Mr Crellin a large sum of money and said he would sort out everything. Additional funds were constantly requested, and assurances made the things were progressing well and that he was sure to get access. Maurice turned up at court on the day to find no solicitor, no Kevin Crellin and that no papers had been filed. Maurice lost and to this day has not seen his children.


    was the CAA accountable manager and owner of a large string of flight schools which were known to be very busy. He was accused by Kevin Crellin of operating aircraft without the correct papers and reported him to the CAA for flying without a valid medical. The CAA brought charges against Chris and he decided to fight them. The matter went to court and Chris produced his CAA doctor who confirmed he was properly certified. He was not surprisingly found not guilty within 5 minutes and awarded costs. Kevin Crellin was annoyed by this and then started making further false accusations that he was a sex offender and therefore unable to travel abroad, that he was someone else, etc etc. He photo shop edited newspaper articles and put them on the web. AGAIN ALL HIS ALLEGATIONS WERE FALSE.

    Again, like the others Chris decided he had had enough and closed his business with the loss of many jobs. This was particularly sad as Chris had introduced many new marketing
    ideas into aviation and was one of the few people that I knew that made serious money from aviaition.


    paid money to Kevin Crellin for a Jet Orientation Course which he never provided. James was a talented flying instructor and pilot, and was desperate to get jet time in order to get a commercial job. Needless to say he lost his money. I met James at alderney and was a keen and knowledgable young aviator.


    was put through the ringer with many allegations that Robert was a fraudster etc etc. Allegations were made that he flew aircraft without correct papers. Roberts business suffered greatly. Kevin Crellin even telephoned all the voucher companies- Roberts biggest customers, claiming that he worked for the CAA and that they shouldnt sell vouchers for Fly BPL. Robert is slowly rebuilding and continues to be a CAA examiner.


    was a pilot who owned a small twin engined aircraft that caught fire. Jetblu was badly burned in the fire and suffered extensive burns. Kevin Crellin went onto Pprue was given it was revealed at court in excess of 16000 pounds. NOT A PENNY OF IT GOT TO either Hayley ( Jetblu
    s wife or to Jet blu.

    These are just a few of the people we know of that were mistreated and conned by the this cross dressing con man.

    • And amazing the British police do nothing. Many of those you mention who were hurt are still in business but rebuilding after crellins games. The question remains, where is the ap

      • There is a case the size of zoo being built against crellin and lloyd. I’d urge anybody who has suffered to contact Essex police.

  6. James ll says:

    The Main issue with the whole of this is that there are many people who are upset that Internet Brands never issued an apology as Crellin was using that forum as a platform the defame others. Ironic that the donations GoldenEaglePilot took as a fraudster were indeed for Jetblu who is another convicted Fraudster. It would appear that Internet Brands and the moderation enjoy supporting such convicted criminals. Nothing you read on that forum should be taken as the truth.

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